The BBC, founded in 1922, is publicly funded in British radio, television and Internet broadcasting corporation, and is the oldest and largest broadcaster in the world. It operates television and radio stations in the UK and overseas and domestic services are funded by television license [410]. [411] Other major players in the British media including ITV plc, which operates 11 of the 15 regional television broadcasters that make up the ITV Network, and the News Corporation, which has a number of national newspapers such as through international news tabloid The Sun is the most popular and The most long-established daily "newspaper" The Times, and holds a large stake in satellite broadcaster British Sky Broadcasting London dominates the media sector in the UK:. national newspapers and television and radio are largely based there, though Manchester is also a significant national media center. Edinburgh and Glasgow, and Cardiff, is an important center of production of newspapers and broadcasting in Scotland and Wales respectively . UK publishing sector, including books, directories and databases, journals, magazines and business media, newspapers and news agencies, have a combined turnover of approximately £ 20 billion and employs about 167,000 people .

In 2009 it is estimated that the average individual views 3.75 hours of television per day and 2.81 hours of radio. In the BBC's main public service broadcasting channels are expected to contribute 28.4% of all television viewing;. The three main independent channel accounted for 29.5% and the other satellite and digital channels is increasingly important for the remaining 42.1% Sales of newspapers has been falling since the 1970s and in 2009 42% of people reported reading daily newspapers nationwide. In 2010, 82.5% of the UK population are internet users, the highest proportion among the 20 countries with the largest number of users in that year.
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