British flag is the Union Flag (also referred to as the Union Jack). It was first coined in 1606 by the superimposition of the British flag on the flag of Scotland, and updated in 1801 with the addition of Flag of Saint Patrick. Wales is not represented in the Union flag as Wales had been conquered and annexed to England prior to the establishment of the United Kingdom;. Possibility of redesigning the Union Flag to include representation of Wales has not been completely ruled out of the British national song is "God Save the King", the "King" replaced with "Queen" in the lyrics every time the monarchy was a woman.

Britannia is a personification of England, who came from Roman Britain. Britannia is symbolized as a young woman with brown or golden hair wearing a Corinthian helmet and white robes. He holds three branches of Poseidon's trident and shield, which contains the Union Flag. Sometimes he is depicted as riding on the back of a lion. At and since the peak of the British Empire, Britannia is often associated with maritime dominance, as in the patriotic song "Rule, Britannia!". Until 2008, the symbol of the lion depicted behind Britannia on the British fifty pence coin and on the back of the coin ten pence English. It is also used as a symbol of the non-ceremonial flag of the British Army. Bulldog is sometimes used as a symbol of England and has been associated with Winston Churchill's defiance of Nazi Germany.
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